Our innovative approach to Research & Development

Our Group’s strong industrial roots allow us to offer a wide range of products and services. We synthesize active ingredients and develop new formulations that are effective, sustainable and innovative.

Our innovative approach to Research & Development

Our industrial processes

Our industrial processes allow us to make certified quality products to satisfy the highest international standards. Sipcam Oxon is focusing its R&D efforts on the development of sustainable biological solutions and handling the increasing demand to limit and reduce chemicals in agriculture. This is being achieved through the development of projects aimed at improve the efficiency of products, for example introducing innovative formulations and delivery systems.

Our innovative approach to Research & Development

Our R&D focus

  • Agrochemicals 
  • Biopesticides
  • Biostimulants
  • Delivery systems to control the release of the active substance 

Development areas


We develop innovative synthesis processes, more efficient and resulting in a high level of purity of active substances.


For most of Sipcam Oxon’s projects, the Chemical Process R&D team provides good intellectual and technical analysis, thanks to its extensive expertise in organic and analytical chemistry.

Our team focuses on transforming chemistry routes into approaches that are commercially viable. High standards are followed during the initial route design, scouting and early process optimisation work, minimising the risks associated with the scale-up of chemistry routes and developing projects that are efficient, safe, scalable and environmentally friendly.

We continue to invest in additional analytical capability to support the growing synthetic capacity, allowing the Chemical Process R&D division to undertake more projects and reduce the time to develop processes and supply products.


We start by defining the product (formulation and active substance) that will be commercialised in a particular geographic area based on technical and market evaluations.

We develop innovative formulations aiming to improve:

  • the field doses of active substances
  • the selectivity for crops
  • the safety for both the user on the farm and for the operator in the factory
  • standard formulations, replacing them with more sustainable ones
  • active substance mixtures, and realise new ones which have not yet been formulated


The formulation team focuses on creating innovative formulations of all types of agrochemical compounds and biostimulants.

The team prepares different prototypes, each of which is subject to in-vitro and/or field testing and then selected based on cost/benefit analysis, which takes into account the eligibility for registration purposes.

We continue investing in new labs, qualified researchers and equipment to support the growing formulation capacity, allowing the formulation R&D division to facilitate further work and bring projects to market most effectively.


Our Regulatory activity is centralized. After the preliminary risk assessment to evaluate the possibility of meeting the criteria, the team handles field testing of new products and the preparation of dossiers for product registration.

  • Registration Efficacy Field Trials and preparation of Biological Dossier
  • Monitoring of Phys Chem, Tox, Ecotox and Residues Studies
  • Performing relevant Risk Assessments
  • Application for Registration to the relevant national authorities

Collaboration partners

Sipcam Oxon actively collaborate with prestigious universities and research institutes in Italy, Spain, Sweden and Israel.

Our innovative approach to Research & Development

What we do to get better crops

From our renewed active ingredients and molecules, we create original formulations that best meet farmers’ needs as well as products designed to be effective at all latitudes.
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Our innovative approach to Research & Development

Our contribution to the chemical industry

Counting on more than 50 years of top-level experience in industrial scale production of active ingredients and chemical intermediates, we develop innovative synthesis routes for batch and continuous processes to support our industrial activity and our customers
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