Expertise and tailor-made services

We have over 40 years of experience in testing continuous and batch processes for chemical synthesis. Our toll manufacturing services are mainly based in Europe and take advantage of a consolidated industrial presence and process optimisation.

Expertise and tailor-made services

Customised production for chemical companies

We develop solutions based on the specific needs of our customers in the agrochemical industry. Thanks to our organisation, we are able to customise our production and logistics processes to meet specific needs. We provide our customers with specialised know-how and plant technology to ensure fast and safe production, in line with the regulatory requirements and production standards of each country.

Customer request
We pay attention to the specific needs of our customers to develop tailor-made solutions.
We synthesise active ingredients, we create new formulations, and we support our clients to develop both new and existing chemical compounds.
Industrial production
After finalizing the formula in the lab, we follow every step of the scale-up process to reach production.
We effeciently manage material logistics and information flow, thanks to robotisation and digitisation of our warehouses.

Quality control

We carry out careful analysis at every stage of the synthesis and production process, checking everything that enters and leaves our sites.

Safety first

The one aspect that is truly fundamental to us is safety; the safety of our staff, who receive ongoing training to improve their skills, and the safety of our production processes. This means, for example, that the production areas for herbicides, insecticides and fungicides are separated into different buildings and carefully organised to prevent cross contamination.

Our quality laboratory monitors the entire production process on a daily basis, checking for impurities in active ingredients and finished products, and checking for (and preventing) cross contamination. It also works in contact with the environmental laboratory which monitors the effects of the factories’ activities on the local area, examining wastewater, quantifying emissions and carrying out abatement tests on new active ingredients.

Expertise and tailor-made services



Sipcam Oxon

Adress: Sipcam Oxon Via San Colombano, 81a, 26900 Lodi, Italy

The plant dedicated to seed treatment, laboratory analysis, packaging and storage.

Expertise and tailor-made services



Sipcam Oxon

Adress: Str. Prov.le per Torre Beretti km 2.6, 27030 Mezzana Bigli (PV), Italy

A covered area of 600,000 m² of which 100,000 m² is industrialized. The plant synthesises around 20,000 tons per year of active ingredients and was the first in Italy to obtain UNI 10617 (Safety Management Systems) certification, to which ISO 9001 was added. A new plant for the synthesis of clomazone was recently built, in addition to the one for triazine family herbicides and chemical intermediates production. Two electricity production plants power the site, one traditionally powered and the other powered by renewable sources.

Expertise and tailor-made services



Sipcam Oxon

Address: Via Vittorio Veneto, 81, 26857 Salerano sul Lambro, Lodi, Italy

The main manufacturing formulation plant with a surface area of 300,000 m². This site, which produces about 25,000 tons of formulated products per year, is one of the most technologically advanced in the world. In addition to classic formulations, the site produces more innovative formulations, such as microencapsulated and water-dispersible granules.

Expertise and tailor-made services



Sipcam Inagra

Address: Carretera Mareny Blau, 46410 Sueca, Valencia, Spain

The plant has separated areas to formulate special fertilisers, biostimulants and crop protection products. With a total surface area of 92,000 m², it annually produces around 12,000 tons of plant protection products and 9,000 tons of biostimulants and special fertilisers, with vast expertise in developing and formulating high quality and innovative products.

Expertise and tailor-made services



Taizhou Bailly Chemical Co. Ltd.

Address: 4WMP+F57 Taixing, Taizhou, Jiangsu, Cina

The joint venture with Taizhou Bailly Chemical increases the production capacity of Sipcam Oxon. This plant we produces 25,000 tons of products, mainly fungicides, including Cymoxanil, Azoxystrobin and Fluazinam.

Expertise and tailor-made services



Suli (Ningxia) Chemicals Co. Ltd

Active ingredient synthesis and third-party production plant

Expertise and tailor-made services



Sipcam Pacific Australia

Address: 690a South Rd, Wingfield SA 5013, Adelaide, Australia

After the acquisition of the Swiss company Sofbey which ensured Sipcam Oxon's entrance into the biostimulant market, the new plant in Adelaide was built.

Expertise and tailor-made services



Sipcam Agro Solutions

Address: J9V8+FH Waynesboro, Mississippi, US

Formulation and third-party production plant 

Digitisation of processes

Our factories are increasingly interconnected because we strategically use data collection and analysis to ensure ongoing and efficient production. Thanks to recent investments in smart production, we control all stages of production remotely and in real time.

Our logistics organisation, from production to warehousing, uses robotic technology and is based on the Warehouse Management System (WMS), which manages label storage in our vertical warehouse according to the latest available standards. Our warehouses are equipped with drive-in and shuttle shelving, which is ideal for the bulk storage of the hundreds of items we handle at the same time and which are shipped to around 38 countries across every continent. All incoming and outgoing raw materials, packaging and pallets are managed using a barcode system to ensure that each batch is fully traceable.

All formulations available

Formulations type Herbicides Insecticides/ Fungicides
Suspension Concentrate (SC)
Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC)
Liquid Solutions (SL)
Capsule Suspension (CS)
Oil Dispersion (OD)
Binary / Ternary mixtures (CZ)
Flowable for seed treatment(FS)  
CS for seed treatment  
Emulsions (O/W and W/O)
Granular soil insecticides (GR)  
Wettable Powders (WP)  
Wettable & soluble dry granules (WDG, SG, DF)  


Our chemistry

  • Regioselective hydrogen sulfide free and hydro-alkylthio-addition to alkene and other unsaturated compounds. The chemistry of alkyl (methyl, ethyl) sulfides and thioethers
  • Nitrogen heterocycles (Mono-, Di- and triazines, triazoles, etc.)
  • N,O-heterocycles (oxazoles)
  • C-Nucleophilic substitution at s-triazines
  • Glycerol derivatives chemistry
  • Aromatic and aliphatic diazotization
  • Carbon disulfide and sulfonyl chlorides chemistry
  • Acyl and alkyl chlorides chemistry
  • Isooxazolidinones formation and reactions
  • Carbamates and thiocarbamates
  • Thiotriazines and other thio-heterocycles
  • Dialkyl-dithio carbonates
  • Cyanuric chloride reactions
  • The chemistry of N-aryl-amides
  • Grignard chemistry

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