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Sipcam Beijing

In 2016 Beijing (China) became the High-Tech Ag world’s capital, hosting from the 6th to the 8th of April the Fourteenth Edition of the New Ag International Conference & Exhibition, the world’s leading annual event for High-Tech Agricultural Inputs & Technology.

At the heart of the increasingly dynamic Chinese market, this edition of the New Ag International Conference & Exhibition, once again, was the unique place to conclude business and upgrade knowledge in:

  • Plant Nutrition

  • Fertigation & Foliar Feeding

  • Irrigation

  • Speciality Products

  • Greenhouse Cropping



Building on the success of the previous 13 conferences which attracted hundreds of delegates from more than 60 countries of the five continents, the China event attracted even more people from all over the world and in particular from the domestic market and all surrounding Asian markets.

Researchers, Consultants, Distributors, Established Suppliers as well as new and emerging companies in the High-Tech Ag sector met to discuss new cross-partnerships, and hear the highest caliber speakers reporting on the latest technical developments and market trends in their field of activity.

During this event, Dr. Secco, SIPCAM SpA International Fertilizer Marketing Manager, presented the results of a research titled: “Use of natural bio-stimulants to improve the quality of grapevine production” developed in collaboration with the Università degli Studi di Firenze.

SIPCAM Presentation

June 24th, 2016|News|

News italian 2016

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23 May 2016: “Sipcam-Oxon: 420 mln fatturato aggregato 2015, prospettive positive nei prossimi anni” –

23 May 2016: “Sipcam-Oxon: 420 mln fatturato aggregato 2015, prospettive positive nei prossimi anni” –

23 May 2016: “Sipcam-Oxon: leader dell’agrofarmaco compie 70 anni” –

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March 9th, 2016|Press|

SIPCAM OXON Inaugurazione nuove sale Expo

June 25th, 2015|News|

News italian 2015

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9 July 2015: “Sipcam-Oxon il Mol vola oltre i 28 milioni” -Il Resto del Carlino

9 July 2015: “Sipcam-Oxon il Mol vola oltre i 28 milioni” -Il Giorno

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18 May 2015:”Sipcam-Oxon: 50 appuntamenti ad Expo 2015″

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8 May 2015: “Un’area accoglienza per i suoi visitatori di Expo 2015″-Settegiorni

6 May 2015: “Minibond Oxon Italia”-Italia Oggi

1 May 2015:”Minibond Oxon da 8 milioni”-Il Sole 24 Ore

30 April 2015:”Oxon Italia colloca un minibond da 8 milioni di euro”

30 April 2015:”Minibond:Oxon Italia quota prestito da 8 milioni”

30 April 2015:”Oxon emette minibond da 8 milioni”-La Nazione

30 April 2015:”L’agrochimica Oxon Italia emette minibond da 8 milioni”

30 April 2015:”Oxon emette minibond da 8 milioni”-Il Giorno

30 April 2015:”All’ExtraMot pro poker di minibond in due giorni”-Milano Finanza

29 April 2015:”Oxon Italia: domani debutta su ExtraMOT PRO con minibond da 8 mln”

29 April 2015:”Adb ed Iccrea per il minibond da 8 milioni di Oxon Italia”

29 April 2015:”Oxon Italia:Increa bancaimpresa collocherà minibond da 8 milioni di euro”-Borsa Italiana

29 April 2015:”Oxon Italia: Icrea impresa collocherà minibond da 8 milioni di euro”-Radiocorr

29 April 2015:”Oxon Italia, da domani quotato su ExtraMOT minibond da 8 mln di euro”

29 April 2015:”Imprese: Oxon Italia, minibond di 8 milioni, domani quotazione a piazza Affari”-AdnKronos

24 April 2015:”Così la Sipcam-Oxon celebra Expo”-Settegiorni

2 April 2015:”Sipcam-Oxon fatturato in crescita”-Il Resto del Carlino

2 April 2015:”Sipcam-Oxon fatturato in crescita”-La Nazione

2 April 2015:”Agrochimica: Sipcam-Oxon, nel 2014 salgono ricavi e l’Ebitda”-Avvenire

2 April 2015:”Sipcam-Oxon fatturato in crescita”-Il Giorno

1 April 2015:”Sipcam-Oxon crescono ricavi ed Ebitda gruppo 2014″-Ansa

1 April 2015:”Sipcam-Oxon si consolida sul mercato internazionale agrofarmaci”-Adnkronos

1 April 2015:”Sipcam-Oxon nuovi investimenti per supportare la crescita”

1 April 2015:”Il Gruppo Sipcam-Oxon si conferma leader nel mercato degli agrofarmaci”

1 April 2015:”Il gruppo Sipcam-Oxon consolida la sua presenza sul mercato internazionale degli agrofarmaci”

1 April 2015:”Sipcam-Oxon nuovi investimenti per supportare la strategia di crescita”

1 April 2015:”Sipcam-Oxon nuovi investimenti per supportare la strategia di crescita”

February 2015:”Sipcam Oxon la Multinazionale dell’agrofarmaco celebra Expo 2015″-Industry&Chemistry

February 2015: “Sipcam Oxon a sostegno dell’agricoltura dal 1946″ – Industry&Chemistry

3 January 2015: “Sipcam Oxon apre le porte al 2015″ – Il Giorno

1 January 2015 “Sipcam Oxon. Così la multinazionale dell’agrofarmo celebra l’esposizione universale” – Specchio economico

May 28th, 2015|Press|

News in italian 2014

17 December 2014: “Expo 2015, le iniziative della Sipcam Oxon” – Libero

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21 November 2014: “Sipcam, piazzato il minibond di 15 milioni”-Milano Finanza

15 October 2014: “Joint Venture Sipcam e Nihon Nohyaku in Brasile” – Italia Oggi

2 October 2014: “Sipcam alla battaglia del Fosforo” – Il Sole 24 Ore Agrisole

17 September 2014: “Minibond: Sipcam emissione da 15 milioni” – Il Sole 24 Ore

16 September 2014: Minibond Sipcam – Italia Oggi

12 September 2014: “Sipcam Minibond da 15 milioni” – Il Resto del Carlino

9 September 2014: “Sipcam: via ai minibond per 15 milioni di Euro” –

9 September 2014: “Sipcam colloca mini bond per 15 milioni” – Il Tempo

9 September 2014: “Sipcam lancia minibond da 15 milioni” – Milano Finanza

8 September 2014: “Sipcam: mandato a Pop Vicenza per minibond a 5 anni da 15 MLN” – Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor

8 September 2014: “Sipcam: al via obbligazioni per 15 MLN Euro” – Adn Kronos

16 July 2014: “Gruppo Sipcam-Oxon unisce i dipendenti con One. Firma The Van”-Pubblicità Italia Today

16 July 2014: “The Van realizza la nuova rivista interna del gruppo Sipcam-Oxon”-Daily Media

10 July 2014: “Intervista a Giovanni Affaba” – Web TV Adn Kronos

30 May 2014: “Sipcam-Oxon la multinazionale dell’agrofarmaco formato famiglia”- Avvenire

April 2014: “Sipcam, il valore dell’indipendenza dell’agrofarmaco” – La Chimica e l’Industria

1 April 2014: “Sipcam Italia annuncia l’avvenuta registrazione di Lieto” – Karpos

April 2014: “Gagliardini e Affaba, al timone della multinazionale italiana dell’agrofarmaco” – Specchio Economico

24 March 2014: “Sipcam, LIETO nuovo antiperonosporico per la protezione del grappolo” – Corriere Vinicolo

16 March 2014: “Anche l’Agrochimica è creativa” – Italia Oggi

6 March 2014: “Il caso Sipcam-Oxon / Quell’azienda che difende l’agricoltura e vince nel mondo” –

13 February 2014: “Agrofarmaci, Sipcam cresce del 13%” – Agrisole

13 February 2014: “Sipcam-Oxon vede ricavi 2013 a +13%” – Avvenire

13 February 2014: “Sipcam-Oxon consolida la crescita per il 2013″ – ECONOMIAITALIANA.IT

12 February 2014: “Industria: Sipcam-Oxon in 2013, 400 mln ricavi (+13%)” – ANSA

12 February 2014: “Sipcam-Oxon, ricavi in crescita del 13%” – ECONOMIAWEB.IT

February 2014: “Ercole, geodisinfestante di Sipcam” – Agricommercio

May 28th, 2015|Press|

Sipcam and Nihon Nohyaku Joint Venture in Brazil

Sipcam has entered into a strategic alliance with the Japanese agrochemical company Nihon Nohyaku regarding the development, marketing, distribution and formulation of agrochemical products in Brazil. Under the terms of this agreement, the companies have formed a 50/50 joint venture, Sipcam Nichino Brasil S.A.

September 11th, 2014|News|

Sipcam is launching LIETO in South Europe

LIETO is a new downy mildew product for Grape, Tomato and Potato that Sipcam is introducing on the market this year in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece. It is a combination of Cymoxanil and Zoxamide formulated in Wettable Grains in 1:1 ratio. The product provide an effective protection against Grape Downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola) and Late blight in Potato and Tomato (Phytophtora infestans). This formulation has been developed in the European Union by Oxon, Cymoxanil producer, and Gowan International, Zoxamide producer.

April 23rd, 2014|News|

International News 2014

3 December 2014: “Sipcam Oxon initiatives during Expo 2015″ – Company Press Release

3 November 2014: “Sipcam Italia and Plant Health Care enter in a Development and Distribution Agreement” – Company Press Released

17 September 2014: “Sipcam to raise €15 million through bond issue”- Agrow

15 September 2014: “Sipcam-Oxon Institutional Video”

9 July 2014: “Sipcam-Oxon agchem business up 12% in 2013″- Agrow

January 1st, 2014|Press|

Sipcam New Insecticide Registrations in Italy

Sipcam-Oxon has announced that it has received registrations in Italy for two new lambda-cyhalothrin based soil insecticides, Ercole and Trika Expert, formulated with exclusive technologies. In Trika Expert is combined a fertilizer matrix that confer to the product a significant starter effect on the crops. Both products are effective on soil insects and in particular Wireworms (Agriotes spp.) and Western Corn Rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera) and are registered for use on corn, potato, as well as a range of other field crops and vegetables, with introduction expected in 2014. The Company has the plan to register the products in other European countries.

For more information:

October 11th, 2013|News|

Oxon Italia SpA office opened in Sao Paolo, Brasil

It will place the company, through its subsidiary Oxon Brasil Defensivos Agricolas LTDA, closer to the strategic Latin America market. It will allow Oxon to improve both the commercial activities, through the local distribution system, and the development of new products in pipeline.



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July 16th, 2012|News|