Growing well together

SIPCAM-OXON is an Italian multinational company, private and independent, specialized in the production, marketing and sales of plant protection products and chemical intermediates.

Over the years the Group has developed a company spirit where certain features typical of larger-size companies are combined with the dynamism, flexibility and creativity peculiar to a smaller company.


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11/09/2014 Sipcam and Nihon Nohyaku Joint Venture in Brazil
Sipcam has entered into a strategic alliance with the Japanese agrochemical company Nihon Nohyaku regarding the development, marketing, distribution and formulation of agrochemical products in Brazil. Under the terms of this agreement, the companies have formed a 50/50 joint venture, Sipcam Nichino Brasil S.A…
23/04/2014 Sipcam is launching LIETO in South Europe

LIETO is a new downy mildew product for Grape, Tomato and Potato that Sipcam is introducing on the market this year in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece. It is a combination of Cymoxanil and Zoxamide formulated in Wettable Grains in 1:1 ratio. The product provide an effective protection against Grape Do…

19/09/2013 Sipcam-Oxon to launch Sparviero in Argentina

Sipcam Agricola S.A., an affiliated company of Sipcam-Oxon Group, has been granted registration in Argentina of Sparviero, an insecticide based on Lambda cyhalotrin formulated with an exclusive innovative technology of microencapsulation. Sparviero will be distributed exclusively by Agro Max SRL, Si…